CrowdSourceHire provides you peace of mind when hiring technical staff.

CrowdSourceHire is a web based tool that streamlines the skills assessment process for businesses through crowdsourcing and data analysis. Using CrowdSourceHire ultimately reduces the time to hire, saves hiring costs,
increases confidence when hiring, and results in less risk in making the wrong hire.


Cost efficient


How CrowdSourceHire Works:

CrowdSourceHire helps business assess their job applicants, by crowdsourcing industry experts, who assess and recommend candidates based on a specific job description.


A business wants to hire a software developer with skills in Java programming. They have 20 job applicants with identical looking resumes, and they don't know which candidates actually have the right skills.


CrowdSourceHire crowdsources industry experts, who put the applicants through a rigorous assessment process, which is specific to the job role.


The industry experts provide a review and recommendation on each of the candidates based on the completed assessments. The assessment results are then merged with the candidates' social footprint.

Our Assessment Process

CrowdSourceHire (CSH) Verification

We test candidates on the application of their skills with a coding challenge. The coding challenge is specific to the business's job description, and includes a problem statement for the candidate to solve, along with input formats, output formats, and a virtual environment for the candidate to code into, all in a timed environment. With the coding challenge the experts assess the candidates coding efficiency and how well they have articulated a solution for the problem.

CrowdSourceHire (CSH) Confidence

We test the candidate's knowledge specific business's job description, and how well they can communicate this knowledge to another human being. This involves a combination of open ended question, which not only test the depth of knowledge of the candidate has but also captures their views and opinions on certain subjects. We then put the candidates through a video recorded interview, where they are asked a number of questions and have to record themselves addressing the questions. The expert then assesses their communication skills and whether they can communicate a problem or articulate a solution to another person.

CrowdSourceHire (CSH) Profiling

For each assessed candidate we output a profile one pager, which includes their assessment results combined with the candidate social foot print. Their social foot print includes all their activity online relevant to the specific job they are being assessed for. The profile includes a one page snap shot of their skills proficiency, previous work commitment, applicant rank, and assessment scores. All this data is then merged into an algorithm to produce two main metrics: the experience related to the actual job role, and the susceptibility of them actually taking the job if an offer is made.


Pricing packages suited for business of all sizes
Professional package
  • Project / Coding challenge with video demo
  • Pre-recorded video Interview
  • Open-ended questions

What We Have Accomplished

Crowd Source Hire is a cloud based skill assessment tool that provides efficient and innovative
pre-interviewing screening solutions for recruitment in the IT industry.


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